Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Surprised By Spring Part 2

Have you ever learned a new word and then immediately noticed that the very word you didn’t know a week ago is being used all the time now?  Clearly, the word was being used by others before it was learned by us and it just took us stopping to notice the word once before we really noticed it at all.  That's how this spring feels to me.  Four days ago I didn't think spring was anywhere close and then I turned a corner and came face-to-face with a tree draped in pink blooms.  And now I'm seeing signs of spring everywhere. 

In my own front yard, the daffodils have emerged.

And the hydrangeas, still adorned with last year's dried blooms, are pushing out leaves.  It's days like today when I am thankful to live where I live.

Spring has come and I am going to enjoy this penultimate month in my house before we move.


  1. Nice word. My hydrangeas are starting to leaf out, but my daffodils are teasing me. No blooms yet. Still, I'm beginning to get some iris blooms, so I will agree with you - spring has come! Enjoy the rest of the time that you have in your garden!

  2. Oh, your daffodils are blooming! Ours have been sitting there for a couple of weeks, in bud, but not one has opened yet. It can't be long now though!

  3. Isn't penultimate a nifty word? :-) -Jean