Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A "Regular" 2012

Doesn't it seem like we are all making resolutions and telling people about them or we’re telling people why we don’t make resolutions?  I do make resolutions but I try to be creative with them.  One year I thought it would be fun to learn something new every month and I stuck with it for a while.  One month I learned how to juggle, another month I learned to roll over in a kayak, and then I tried to learn how to return phone calls.  The last one was the most difficult and is something I still struggle with today.  I really dislike answering the phone.


This year I resolved to at least try to go “Number 2” every single day.  Yeah, I know.  That’s not really the sort of thing people should announce to the world.  I just figured I’d be happier and healthier if I was more regular, colonicly speaking.  It’s just a little ironic that the resolution itself isn’t exactly, you know, regular.

I’m going to stick with that resolution but I’m adding to my plans for 2012.  Cat, who blogs as “The Whimsical Gardener”, wrote about centering her resolutions around a single word.  For 2011 that word was “espy” and this year it is “stretch.”  You should read both posts in which she explains why she chose the words and what they meant to her.  They have the ring of wisdom to them and are just a few thousand rungs higher up on the evolutionary ladder than my resolution to go poop every day. 

Inspired by what I read, I decided that I would spend 2012 with the word “cultivate” in mind.  I recognize that my life on January 4, 2012 has a perspective unique to today and I also know that life on December 31, 2012 will feel in many ways like a completely different life.  That is why I like Cat’s idea to choose a word rather than a specific goal.  By having just a single word to keep in mind we are free to grow, change, and strive for things throughout the year that we can't possibly conceive of in January. 

And that is great for me because I don’t know how my life is going to change in the coming year.  But I do know that if I work to cultivate relationships with my family and friends that my life will be richer for it.  I know that if I cultivate better habits for how I spend my time I will feel more satisfied with myself.  If I cultivate parts of my character I can improve the course of my future.  And if I cultivate a real vegetable garden for the first time ever I will be better fed and hopefully get more fiber in my diet which will have the added benefit of helping me with that other resolution.  So here's to 2012 and all that it will bring! 

*As a postscript, my ADD led me away from blogging long enough to click on over to Botanical Interests and place an order for some vegetable seeds so I can get started cultivating that new vegetable garden.  I have ordered from them in the past and I was very pleased with my success with the seeds and their packets are like little pieces of informative art. 

Each packet has an illustrated picture of the vegetable, common and botanical names, a plant tag, and information on when to plant and harvest.  As a hidden bonus, the insides of the packets include tips, recipes, pest control ideas, and a little history.  All for about $2.00 a packet. 


  1. Hahaha! Your resolution to poop everyday is hilarious! I did not see that one coming!! Haha!

    Thanks for the tidbit at the end about the seeds you ordered. Those are awesome, I think I'll get some! I have a resolution to grow a vegetable garden this year, as well.

    And if I only went #2 once a day everyday for the whole year, I'd be a happy man. My metabolism is like clock work. Lately I've been going 3-5 times per day. No lie. I think it's all the protein shakes..

  2. Nate - 3-5 times a day? Really? That sounds like a pain in the butt to me. Literally and figuratively. But perhaps I should give those protein shakes a try.

  3. Kashi cereal will give you lots of quality time on the porcelain. So will a bowl of extra beany chili. I like your word. We grow as people as we grow our gardens if we're open to the lessons taught by nature.

  4. I normally do not speak of this subject. But I have 3 words. Flax. Seed. Meal.

  5. Toni, thanks for the advice. I'll commit the advice to memory and quickly abolish any memory of who told me.

    Casa - I've had the Kashi cereal before and it's tasty. If I don't switch to protein shakes in the morning I might give that a shot again. And thanks for your comments on "cultivate." I do think I owe a lot of my growth to the time I've spent in the garden and the things that I've learned while out there.

  6. Chad, you have me rolling on the floor! I thought all men were like my husband (and Nate, well maybe not quite like Nate)...regular. I just love popping in here; I never know what I'll learn!

    I love the word you've chosen. It gives lots of freedom and I really look forward to hearing about how you find yourself living up to it through the year. I hope you'll post about it sometime. Thanks for the link love. One of the reasons I write my blog is to inspire others so when someone is moved to action it makes my heart swell ;) Happy New Year to you and your family.

  7. Great word for a gardener! And I love the fact that you included cultivating relationships, too. Good luck on your resolution.

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  9. Chad, if you do start drinking protein shakes, I suggest Vanilla Protein with the Original Sunny D. Tastes amazing. Like an Orange Julius.

    Not so bad on the way out either..

  10. What a gas! So funny I was ROTFL. My husband can go on command. No lie. I could never figure that one out. It has to be a guy thing. Like if we are going out to eat he will tell me I have to wait a few minutes until the job is done.

    I trained my male cockatoo to do his 'duty' too. I take him over the commode and it just happens by telling him. Really, it is a guy thing and it seems to important to them too.

  11. What is this? Who knew so many people were obsessing about poop? Chad I think your resolution should be to not be so paranoid--it sounds like something maybe your mother hung you up about. (That will be $90 for 30 seconds of typed therapy...) In conclusion, 'regularity' is in the butt of the beholder. There, I hope I cleared that up for you.

    And where were YOU Donna, when I had a parrot who pooped everywhere?

    1. love it, linnie. in the butt of the beholder. LOL!

  12. Oh too funny!!
    Good luck on your resolutions for 2012, and good luck on cultivating some regularity..

  13. Hilarious ... and yet very wise! I love your choice of word and how you plan to live by it. Great post!

  14. Nice post. My word is "create." Create in the garden, on the page, in relationships. I hope you are successful in cultivating all of your resolutions. Happy 2012!

  15. Chad, Happy cultivating in 2012! -Jean