Monday, February 7, 2011

To Do Checklist: One Down, Many More to Go.

I finally had some time to move things around in this bed and the weather was willing to cooperate. Due to the proximity to the wall of the garage, it was difficult for me to get far enough away from the trunk of the Japanese maple to dig up as much of a rootball as I wanted to, but I'm hopeful that the nice weather these days will help ease any transplant shock for both the JM and the hydrangea.

I cut the star jasmine way back to reveal a rock that is partially buried in this bed. I have a feeling I'll have to repeat this chore in a few months.

I removed one azalea and one hydrangea in an effort to give everything a little extra elbow room. I plan to reshape the remaining azalea after it has finished blooming this spring. It is looking rather gangly and awkward.

I also added aluminum sulfate (or nitrate?) to this location to turn the blooms blue to better match the paint color. Speaking of paint color, I've decided it's impossible to take a picture of this bed that makes the bed and the house look attractive. Maybe I need to rethink my house color?

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