Monday, September 8, 2014

Trouble Brewing

The other day I was in the back corner of my property taking a closer look at some of the late summer growth on several Japanese maples.  My neighbor's property line boasts several mature trees whose branches stick out over my side of the fence.  This doesn't bother me - it's borrowed green as far as I'm concerned.  But I did notice that it was causing my maples to grow at awkward angles to reach more sunlight.  

While taking a closer look at the branches coming over the fence line I noticed what I believe to be a wisteria vine growing along the electrical lines.  I'm fairly certain the picture below contains my neighbor's cable line.  Perhaps I should tell her about this?

You have to admire the tenacity of the wisteria.

This picture makes it apparent that it's probably not just my neighbor's cable that could get strangled by the exuberant vine.

And here's just a couple pictures of something I've been working on.  I've got a long stretch of boring fence that I need to do something with.  I am working on killing the grass and I spent part of last weekend installing the dry-laid brick mow strip to outline what will be the new bed.  Hopefully everything will be ready in time for fall planting which is still about a month and a half away in Sacramento.

I hope to post more in the coming weeks.  This summer has been very busy and, truth be told, not very interesting from a gardening standpoint.  There's only so much I can do when it's 95-100 degrees every day.


  1. I know it has been hot out your way - but people like me here on the shores of Lake Michigan would love all that heat in a few weeks as we go into the Fall and Winter season. Send some of that my way in a month - would be much appreciated. Jack

  2. Jack, if I could I would trade you some of our heat for some of your water in a heartbeat. It's a shame that Mother Nature won't allow us to redistribute her gifts in that way.

  3. I'm kinda glad now that I haven't figured out how to grow a wisteria here in Zone 4. I guess there are varieties hardy to our low temps, but looking at the devouring of the power pole, cables and whatever-gets-in-the-way tendencies you've showed here maybe I'll stick to making stained glass renditions of wisteria instead. Yikes. I do have a trumpet vine that has engulfed a heavy wrought iron trellis and sends up sprouts of opportunity up to 20' away, so I guess one man-eating vine in our yard is enough.

    Our weather has turned cold (40's) and soggy (6" rain last week alone) and I whole-heartedly agree with you; if we could mix 'n match the weather it would be fantastic.