Monday, May 20, 2013

The Annual Mother's Day Garden Tour Part III

The garden tour continues . . .

First up today, I'll show you pictures of this contemporary zen garden dominated by a cool pool.  The picture below is what you see as you walk up the driveway.  The gate to the back yard is swung open and you can see it to the left in this picture.

The pool is bordered by this very clean looking concrete tile. 

It wouldn't be very zen without bamboo and sculptures.

People loved these pebbles and what I believe is dwarf mondo grass.  I did too but I wondered about the chlorine killing this grass over time and how they keep the pebbles from getting into the pool.

The next garden had an assist from their neighbors.  Check out this wisteria vine:

This back yard garden was dominated by hard materials with small garden beds.

I was enthralled by the color they chose for this railing.  Others were too.  I saw several people pose for pictures on these steps.

The garden also featured pops of color from pots as you can (kinda) see from the yellow pot below.

And this flower arrangement . . .

and this orange pot . . .

and the rules for the family dog . . .

and, finally, this glass torch which must look amazing at night with a candle burning inside.

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