Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Orchard Boxes

For a while now I have been spending a lot of my mental energy on de-cluttering my life one closet at a time.  I have too many books; too many shirts I can’t fit into anymore; and too many hobbies that take my spare time, require too much of my thoughts, and occupy too many square feet of my physical space.

It feels good to donate a shelf’s worth of books and to clear out enough space to actually hang a jacket in the hall closet.  There’s something therapeutic about it. 

But if de-cluttering is a drug, the dosage is not nearly strong enough to help me overcome my insatiable need for more planting containers. 

My dog playing the part of customs agent.

We went to a monthly antique fair last weekend and while it’s always fun to people watch and browse the amazing and bizarre things that can be bought at such a place, I really went with just one intention: find something cool to plant things in.

And find I did.  I found these old orchard boxes from Auburn, California which is not too far from Sacramento.  They were $8 bucks a piece.  I thought about asking him to sell me 3 for $20 but figured the $4 difference wasn’t worth going through the uncomfortable bartering process (uncomfortable for me anyway). 

I love the faded paint on these.  I'd also like to find out what the stenciled "F-10" meant.

I’m not sure what I will plant in these boxes or even where I’ll put them, but I thought they would look great with some sunny annuals spilling over the edges.  If I wanted, I could plant them with herbs and put them on the patio table where they will get plenty of sun.  Or perhaps I should finally try growing succulents.  The sky is the limit and just daydreaming about the possibilities makes me happy. 

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  1. Oh my what a find, great price too (even at the non-battered price) Love them and cant wait to see what you do with them. They would look amazing filled with succulents...cheers Julia