Tuesday, May 17, 2011

East Sacramento Garden Tour

A few weekends ago we went to the East Sacramento Garden Tour to support the David Lubin Elementary School.  This is the fourth time we've attended the event.

Although I enjoy the show, it's becoming increasingly apparent to me that it is more of a hardscaping tour than a "garden" tour.

That said, I did find several structures that I wouldn't mind incorporating into my garden.  For example, this wood and steel roof:

And this outdoor fireplace was great, but not really my style:

This one is more my style . . . I can't imagine the price tag on it though:

While I prefer more natural stones, I thought these stepping stones combined with the ground cover were great.

Combine these stones with the ground cover above and it's just right . . .

Here we go:

There were some pretty cool staging items on display, but most of them were brought in just for the show.  Still, some nice ideas if you've got the money.

Finally, here are shots of some things that I would like to take inspiration from and try to replicate myself:

And two of my favorites right next to each other:

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